Medical Transportation, Conventioned VSL taxis

A medical taxi service at your disposition

You are unable to go to a medical appointment, a consultation with your family doctor or a specialist or need a ride to a chemotherapy session on the French Riviera and France?
Limo Taxi Mougins offers conventioned VSL taxis and accepts medical vouchers made by your doctor for a coverage up to 65 % to 100% .
Contact us today and we will handle everything else for your next transportation.

How to book a Taxi VSL conventioned by CPAM in Mougins in Grasse, Mouans-Sartoux or Le Cannet?

Nothing’s easier! Our entire fleet of taxis is licensed as taxi or VSL ambulance to carry patients. Limo Taxi Mougins is certified by the CPAM and the other complementary funds of Alpes Maritimes as well as other departments of France.

Limo Taxi Mougins, the guarantee of a professional and high-quality service

For nearly a decade, Limo Taxi Mougins has been delivering a quality service with specialized specialists in the seated medical sector. Our large fleet of medical taxis range from the saloon car to the 7-seater minivan to ensure you the best of comforts and all without the expense if you are 100% covered. We guarantee quality transport in complete safety and make sure you are on time for your appointment.

When to call a Taxi VSL ambulance Convention?

 Are you in hospital or have regular care that requires medical transportation? Ask our services. We will be at your side to transport you during your radiotherapy, your physiotherapy sessions, your chemotherapy, your dialysis or simply during an MRI, scan or consultation. Whatever your location in the Alpes Maritimes, Limo Taxi Mougins will put at your disposition a Taxi to perform all your medical transports. We also carry all other taxi transfers without transport voucher for journeys: regular, distant, one-way or return trip short distance but also long distance.