Minivan and Berline Services

Luxury transportation has come a long way in the past few decades.  Today, limousines are just one of many options for comfortable and luxurious travel.  At Limo Taxi Mougins, we offer a wide variety of different vehicles and guarantee to have the perfect automobile for your specific needs.  Of our entire fleet, though, perhaps nothing is as versatile and well utilized than our van and berline service. Affordable, elegant, and efficient, our Mercedes Class V seven-passenger vans can be used for any type transport and oftentimes are actually the most sensible choice.

Why Choose a Mercedes Class V for shuttle or taxi services?

Simply put, our fleet of Mercedes Class V seven passenger vans is made up of some of the most comfortable vehicles on the market today.  Because of their large interior volume, each van can comfortably sit seven people with ample room to spare. This translates to added comfort on short and long distance transfers alike and makes for the ideal vehicle for family travel or group and business transportation.  Given its sleek design and elegant feel, these vans are perfect to treat your employees or impress business partners.

Mercedes Class V for Short or Long Distance Travel

Mercedes Class V vehicles are the ideal mode of transportation both locally and for longer trips around Europe.  Young locals and travelers alike gravitate toward these vehicles and our professional drivers to explore the restaurants and evening scene in Southern France.  Cannes, Monaco, and St. Tropez in particular boast bustling nightlife full of clubs and discotheques, creating the perfect excuse to hire a driver and elegant Mercedes Class V to safely and luxuriously enjoy an evening on the town.

Additionally, these vans are the perfect way to explore more of Europe in pure comfort.  Ideal for long distance travel, our drivers will eagerly cater to your itinerary. Whether you are skiing in the Italian Alps, Switzerland, or Austria or exploring the culture and beauty of these countries and more, you can trust Limo Taxi Mougins to show you how to do it all in style.

On the surface a van may not seem like the classiest choice for a shuttle or transfer vehicle, but the times have changed.  Thanks to the Mercedes Class V and similar vehicles, van travel is more luxurious and elegant than ever before. Whether you are in need of short transfers or a longer road trip, our staff at Limo Taxi Mougins will be sure to match you with the perfect vehicle and see that you have the most enjoyable travel experience possible.